Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michel Foucault - The Culture of the Self


I found these at Archive Fire (via Apolloxias) - a cool series of Michel Foucault talking about the Western development of individual subjectivity, recorded at UC Berkeley, beginning on April 12, 1983.
The audio below presents the first in a series of three recorded lectures in which French philosopher Michel Foucault examines Western culture's conceptual development of individual subjectivity. Foucault gave these lectures, in English, at UC Berkeley, beginning on April 12, 1983, roughly a year before he died. There are some negligable distortions in the recordings.
This is the first talk of three that he gave, presented here in 7 parts.


Michael- said...

hey Bill, just an fyi: that picture you have up on this post is not of Foucault, it's Michael Pollen. Cheers-

william harryman said...

crap - thanks for letting me know - that's what I get for posting stuff at 5 am