Sunday, May 15, 2011

CBS News - Reincarnation alive and well in today's culture

Talk of reincarnation hits the mainstream. One in five people believes in reincarnation, which must include some Christians and Jews. I'm grateful for Stephen Prothero (God Is Not One) being in the segment.
The concept of reincarnation is some three thousand years old, but it's not simply a thing of the past. As Susan Spencer reports, the idea that we've lived before and that we'll live again is alive and well in American pop culture today.

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Unknown said...

I would bet that the idea of reincarnation has been around more than 3000 years. For longer than that we've been beings eager to escape the Grim Reaper's scythe.

I think that the evidence is almost convincing in disproving reincarnation -- but I fall back to the sentiment, stated in the viddie, that we are spiritual beings living a human life. We are that and not just a machine that wears out.