Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Integral Leadership Review - Volume X, No. 5 - October 2010

The new issue of the Integral Leadership Review is out - and there are some good articles, as always. Probably the most interesting one for many of us is Russ Volckmann's interview with Ken Wilber on the current state of the integral enterprise.
Fresh Perspective: The State of Integral with Ken Wilber, Russ Volckmann
Another article that stands out for me is Raul Quinones-Rosado's piece on social identity as a line of development in the integral model. Here's the abstract.
Social Identity Development and Integral Theory
Raúl Quiñones-Rosado, Ph.D.

Abstract: Social group identity, which refers to a person’s identification with, and membership within, diverse social groups (by race, gender, class, sexuality, etc.), and social identity development, which refers to the process of stage development regarding each of these social group identities, are areas of study not currently addressed by the major proponents and practitioners of Integral Theory. This paper will relate concepts pertaining to social group identity and principles regarding social identity development that are both relevant and useful to Integral Theory. Additionally, this paper will situate social identity development relative to the levels of consciousness; it will propose that social group identity and consciousness develop simultaneously; that as a person (or a group, organization or society) moves through, incorporates and transcends the stages of social identity development in various identity categories, they also move through the levels or stages of consciousness development. Moreover, this paper will propose that social identity development, as well as consciousness development, both occur in the context of engagement within groups and across cultures and, particularly, in the process of addressing and seeking to overcome issues of differential social power—oppression—within prevailing or dominant cultural paradigms. In the process, this paper will argue for the inclusion of social group identity as a developmental line within Integral Theory, as it constitutes a distinct and critically important aspect of the social self, or self-in-society, necessary to effectively address critically important issues of our times—war, terrorism, capitalism, poverty, health care, education, democracy, the environment, among others. This work has implications for integral theorists who seek to produce knowledge in sub-fields, such as, Integral Psychology, Integral Sociology, Integral Feminism, Integral Politics, Integral Economics, Integral Ethics, Integral Community Development, Integral Ecology, Integral Leadership, and Integral Business, and more importantly, for integral practitioners in these areas.
There are many other great articles that I have not yet had a chance to read, but I will undoubtedly have more to share from this issue.

Oh yeah, I have a "student paper" in this issue:
Student Paper: William Harryman, The Cultural Self in Integral Psychology: Narratives of Multiplicity in Multicultural Counseling and Leadership Coaching
This is my first integral publication, so BIG THANKS for Russ for publishing the paper, rough and naive as it likely is in comparison to the other articles in this issue.

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