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All in the Mind - Nido (nest) therapy: Top psychiatrist issues strong challenge for change

This is an excellent episode of the All in the Mind podcast, hosted by Natasha Mitchell. The idea that changing the environmental context can help heal mental illness is important. We are embedded beings, and that includes our physical environment as well as our culture and biochemistry.

Nido (nest) therapy: Top psychiatrist issues strong challenge for change

Professor Peter Tyrer, editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry, argues his profession practises 'mental colonialism' on people with long-term, chronic mental illness that's resistant to treatment. His approach is called Nidotherapy -- Nido meaning 'nest' -- focused on changing a person's environment not their personality. And, Jenny relates her poignant identity struggles and triumphs of being a long term 'service user'.

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Professor Peter Tyrer
Head, Centre for Mental Health
Professor for Community Psychiatry,
Imperial College, London, UK
Editor of British Journal of Psychiatry

The Hub (North London)
Mental Health Research Network
London, UK

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2010 University of Western Sydney Mental Wellbeing Conference
Professor Peter Tyrer was a guest of this conference in Sydney, Australia

2010 Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Conference
Professor Peter Tyrer was a guest of this conference in Sydney, Australia

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North London Hub, Mental Health Research Network, UK

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Website about Peter Tyrer and colleagues' approach

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