Friday, March 13, 2009

Katherine Turner - Integral Shamanics

Integral blogger and overall cool person Katherine Turner was profiled for her work as an Integral Shaman in a local paper in Wilmington, NC - Wilma Magazine. Very cool to see her get the attention she deserves!

You can read the whole article here. Here's a taste.
In the field of psychology, Soul Retrieval is known as “disassociation,” and shamans refer to it as “Soul Loss.”Missing or lost pieces of the soul are reintegrated, providing the client wholeness and renewed energy. Shamanic Healing tries to restore balance not just in the mind-body-spirit connection, but in the everyday world, too. “We have pharmaceuticals in our water, refined carbs overwhelming our bodies, and pesticides and toxins around us every day.” Turner recommends we address our outside ills as well as inner ills.

The second tool is Psychic and Medical Intuitive sessions. These clarity readings provide the client with answers to specific areas of confusion, or medical blocks and “dis-ease” in their lives. “Ten percent of the session is me reading the client energetically; the other 90 percent is me helping them find a map to balance and find wholeness in their lives,” she says. “Magical, emotional, and spiritual energy have a profound effect on our health.”

Integral Shamanics also offers experiential lectures, workshops, and classes, such as Shamanic Journeying, Psychic Skills and Techniques, and Spiritual Card Reading.
Read the whole article.

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