Thursday, November 06, 2008

Integral Leadership Review - October 2008

The new issue of Integral Leadership Review is up and has been for a few days already (I'm a little behind in non-election posting this week).

Table of Contents, October 2008

  • Leadership Quote: Dee Hock
  • Leading Comments: This Issue
  • Integral Theory and Integral Action, Part 12: Mark Edwards and Russ Volckmann
  • Leadership Coaching Tip: Amiel Handleman, Brutal Facts Plus Positive Emotion
  • A Fresh Perspective: Integral Futures: A Conversation with Christopher Cooke
  • Review in Depth: Jordan McLeod, Marilyn Hamilton’s Integral City, including a discussion with the author
  • Article: Zachary Stein, Myth Busting and Metric Making: Refashioning the Discourse about Development
  • Article: Sunil Ahuja, Jon Ebersole, Otto Laske, Pia Neiwert, Mirna Perez and Ron Stewart, Business Leadership for an Evolving Planet: The Need for Transformational Thinking in Intercultural and International Environments
  • Integral for the Masses: Keith Bellamy, Holding Leaders to Account or Letting Them Squirm
  • Article: Bruce Lloyd, Power, Responsibility & Wisdom: Exploring the Issues at the Core of Ethical Decision-making
  • Article: Mark Walsh, Learning Integral the Hard Way—An Autobiographical Account of Martial Arts, Peace and the Pieces of the Puzzle
  • Article: Raquel Torrent, The Leadership of the Heart: Eagle’s Flight through Life Experiences in the Awakening of Integral Spain
  • Leadership Cartoon: Bill Bates Update
  • Leadership Cartoon: Guest Cartoonist, Mark Hill
  • Article: Debbe Kennedy, Open Invitations: Engaging People One Dialogue at a Time
  • Article: Janet E. Rechtman, Towards an Ideal of Global Leadership
  • Global Values Update: Alan Tonkin, Developing a Sustainable Democracy in South Africa? How Understanding Different Values Can Shape Our Democracy
  • Article: John Renesch, Conscious Leadership: Transformational Approaches to a Sustainable Future

  • Notes from the Field
  • David V. Day, Michelle M. Harrison and Stanley M. Halpin. An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting Adult Development, Identity, and Expertise.
  • Ann Howard, Ph.D. and Richard S. Wellins, Ph.D., Confidence in GLOBAL LEADERSHIP FORECAST 2008|2009: Overcoming the Shortfalls in Developing Leaders.
  • Richard John Hatala and Lillas Marie Hatala, “The Business Case for Leadership Development”.
  • Lillas Marie Hatala and Cheryl Dougan, Integrative Leadership: Let Spirit Be the Lead of Your Life, Study Guide.
  • Coda: Daniel Goleman and friends, Knowing our Emotions, Improving Our World

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