Saturday, November 08, 2008

Daniel Goleman in Dialogues on Social intelligence (More Than Sound Productions)

Integral Leadership Review takes a look at the new 7 CD set from Daniel Goleman in which he discusses Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence with a variety of very interesting people.


Paul Ekman and Daniel Goleman, Knowing our Emotions, Improving Our World

Naomi Wolf and Daniel Goleman, The Inner Compass for Ethics & Excellence

Richard Davidson and Daniel Goleman, Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Daniel J. Siegel and Daniel Goleman, Better Parents, Better Spouses, Better People

George Lucas and Daniel Goleman, Rethinking Education

Howard Gardner and Daniel Goleman, Good Work: Aligning Skills and Values

Clay Shirkey and Daniel Goleman, Socially Intelligent Computing (available only as a download from )

Looks like an outstanding collection, featuring some of my favorite people. Go read the reviews to learn more about each CD.

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