Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Andrew Sullivan Will Keep an Eye on President Obama

Hmmm . . . Sullivan supports Obama, but wisely recognizes him to be a politician like any other -- prone to mistakes and over-simplifications. So, if Obama becomes the next president, which is mercifully looking more likely, Sullivan will dog him at The Dish.

Dishonorable Obama

Kerry Howley's analysis is honest at least:

The only thing I know about Obama is that he is less scary than the other guy.

McCain’s bloodlusty glory-and-honor-at-any-cost orientation terrifies me. On the other hand, I’m reasonably hopeful that Obama will emerge a calculating and not at all honorable politician, thus talking the protectionist talk and doing nothing to advance an economics of resentment. I have a largely unjustified faith in Obama’s faithlessness, which is why I am voting for him.

I actually think the cynics will be disappointed in Obama (although I think Kerry is damn right about Obama on free trade).

The staggering truth is that he's actually quite sincere and calm enough to avoid rank dishonor. He's still a pol, of course, and has cut a few corners in this campaign. But he's nowhere near as slimy as Clinton.

Power will corrupt him, I'm sure. Which is why I intend to go into fair but dogged conservative opposition if he wins this election. He needs a fierce press if he is to be kept on his toes. The Dish will not relent if he wins. All I can tell you is that I will first give him the benefit of the doubt as I gave Bush. Presidents in wartime deserve a chance to do their best. But if the record shows failure or deceit, I will be as tough on Obama as I have been on Bush-Cheney. I just hope I don't have to be.

(Hat tip: Conor)

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