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All in the Mind - Wakey Wakey! The many lives of amphetamine

This week's All in the Mind offers more info than you can ever want on amphetamines, the one-time wonder drug which was later rejected, and is now enjoying a resurgence in treating ADD and ADHD.

Wakey Wakey! The many lives of amphetamine

The 1929 discovery of amphetamine heralded the dawn of the age of Speed -- a drug with an extraordinary and triumphant career. The first modern antidepressant, a powerful prop in warfare, a diet pill, a devastating illicit drug -- now reincarnated as a treatment for ADHD. Historian of science Nicolas Rasmussen unearths the making of modern medicine, Big Pharma, and a humble stimulant.

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Nicolas Rasmussen
Associate Professor
School of History and Philosophy
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

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NB: Link is to a PDF file

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