Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Further proof that the DNC is WAY ahead of the RNC when it comes to use of technology, I give you McCainpedia:
a wiki run by the DNC's Research, Communications, and Internet teams. The goal is to centralize research material, allowing the general public to use it as they see fit. Unlike some wikis, McCainpedia is read-only and can't be edited by the public. This allows us to fully validate all of the information that appears, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

McCainpedia follows FlipperTV, which puts video taken by Democratic "trackers" of John McCain as he campaigns across the country, and allows users to watch, download, and use the footage as they wish. FlipperTV has now been incorporated into McCainpedia alongside all of the research information.

Here's a video from FlipperTV in which McCain refuses to answer a question on health care.

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