Friday, May 23, 2008

Brain Changes in Patients with Untreated Mood Disorders

From Channel N:
title Structural and functional brain changes in patients with never treated mood disorders

description At the MHA 2008 Research Colloquium, Dr. MacQueen speaks about cognitive deficits that accompany never treated mood disorders, how they impact on education, and touches on some long-term consequences (i.e. she says low education is a bigger predictor of heart attack than lipids, cholesterol and smoking combined!) of ignoring the problem. She discusses both structural and functional changes in the brain, and hippocampal-dependent learning and memory impairments.

producer BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network

Glenda MacQueen, MD, FRCP(C), PhD
date 14/02/08
length 00:58:22

link to video presentation
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This is an interesting look at what happens to the brain when mood disorders are left untreated. The damage can be significant.

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