Monday, February 11, 2008

Integral Theory Conference (ITC)

The website is now up for the first Integral Theory Conference this summer at JFK University. Get all the information you need to attend this groundbreaking conference on Integral Theory in Action: Serving Self, Other, and Kosmos.

Here is the text from the main page:

In August 2008, John F. Kennedy University and Integral Institute will host a historic event: the inaugural, biennial Integral Theory Conference (ITC), the first major academic conference devoted to the field of Integral Theory.

The theme of the conference is Integral Theory in Action: Serving Self, Other, and Kosmos. The conference will showcase how scholars and professionals are using Integral Theory to impact the lives of individuals and communities. The conference will also highlight emerging lines of Integral scholarship and research, with the goal of further establishing Integral Theory as a dynamic academic discipline.

Attendees will have an unprecedented opportunity to network with other Integral scholar-practitioners and pioneering Integral thinkers. Throughout the conference there will be a focus on community, discourse, and dialogue. There will be multiple forums in which to engage in critical reflection and debate the current state of the Integral field. A major focus of the conference will also be application; participants will leave with a deepened capacity to apply Integral principles in their own lives and professional work.

Integral Theory in Action will be a global gathering and will showcase 100 individual presentations, 12 panel discussions, and 30 poster presentations. Presenters will hail from 9 different countries, including Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, South Africa, Norway, the United Kingdom, Australia, and all regions of the United States. Topics will include:

  • Psychotherapy and Coaching
  • Community Development and Activism
  • Global Warming and Sustainabilty
  • Spirituality and Religious Pluralism
  • Business and Economic Development
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Politics
  • Health and Embodiment
  • Feminism
  • Gay and Lesbian Issues
  • Theoretical Challenges and Modifications to the AQAL Approach

Come join us for this historic opportunity to participate to in the growth of Integral Theory and its application!

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