Thursday, February 14, 2008

Alan Watts Podcasts -- Hinduism

There are a series of six podcasts of Alan Watts speaking on Hinduism at a (new?) site called Alan Watts Podcast. I just started listening to them -- classic Watts.

Alan Watts is one of the most widely read philosophers of the 20th century. In addition to his 28 books, Alan Watts delivered hundreds of public lectures and seminars the recordings of which have been preserved in the archives of the Electronic University, a non-profit organization dedicated to higher education. For the past two years Alan's eldest son, Mark Watts has reviewed and cataloged these talks to prepare them for public broadcast. The Electronic University is now pleased to present the highlights of the spoken works of Alan Watts.

Check them out

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Steve said...

Bil, thanks for the heads-up on the Watts podcasts. He was the master "philosophical entertainer," as those podcasts prove.