Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2008 Blogisattva Awards Nominees Announced

Tom Armstrong and the awards committee have announced the 2008 Blogisattva Awards Nominees.

The Blogisattva Organization is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2008 Blogisattva Awards honoring English-language Buddhism blogging during calendar year 2007. This is the third annual iteration of the awards which are given wholly for merit, and not as a measure of blogs’ popularity.

This year, ten accomplished buddhobloggers participated in the gathering of candidates and the voting that determined this year’s nominations and/or will participate in the voting that determines the winners, to be announced on February 24.

There are 26 categories of awards with an aggregate 132 nominations, making for a bounty of worthy honorees.

The prime purpose of the awards is to introduce Buddhists -- and others with a nascent interest in Buddhism -- to some of the great many excellent, varied Buddhism blogs that are out there, as close as a click away.

Among the many great blogs and bloggers, IOC received nine nominations among the various categories. I am honored to be considered among such outstanding company.

Check out the full list of nominees (and go read these excellent blogs).

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JMP said...

congrats, bill! well deserved