Friday, January 04, 2008

New Poem: Homage


Dionysos once lived in my flesh,
but the abdicated god
now haunts me,
demands my adulation

what loss in forsaking wine,
the elixir of poets?

my blood once flowed as merlot,
rich and chocolaty,
but now I am stone

morning light is caustic,
a poison to dreams
night might offer

I once sought truth
in the fluid of grapes

never did I realize
that moonglow was a poison

I ate pomegranates
hoping for illumination
that never arrived

Day into night : night
into day : undone
and covered in cobwebs

the dark god haunts me,
demands my recognition,
and in his voice
I hear
the deep need of shadows

can the poet ever be free
from the source?

can voice arise from the throat
in the absence of wine?

kicking in the door
I demand a place
at the altar,
an audience with immortality

A whisper : the warm tongue
speaks in syllables of hope

morning light : loss is bone
crushed beneath the weight of truth

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