Monday, December 31, 2007

New Poem: For She Who Is Unknown

For She Who Is Unknown

We are like water in water
like the water that keeps the secret
~ Octavio Paz

My eyes are closed
and when they open
I am seeing through your eyes

Always awake, seeking
the lost feather of a raven

You surround yourself
with barking dogs,
old books of verse,
dripping fingers of night


Life is a funeral
in waiting, mourners
milling about, bored

But from your eyes
I see the ocean,
gentle waves, kelp
on the deserted beach


I do not know you
and maybe always have

We are rain drops
gathering quietly
in a puddle

Some secret pertains,
but only the voices of birds
can articulate the meaning


On this page I see
the shadows dance and stop,
then wander off
into the forest

Lichens, moss, a faded trail
where only our ghosts reside


I have somehow entered you,
sensed the bones of thought,
the blood of feeling

We are one and yet
we have never met,
so I wait, woodsmoke
in the breeze, your eyes
watching my dreams

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