Monday, October 15, 2007

Overcoming Adversity: How to Use Life’s Struggles to Drive Personal Growth

A brief, but nice post by Amrit Hallan over at Pick the Brain helps us see adversity as a teacher.

Do you ever think that there is no end to the problems you face? Do you feel that with each step forward, adverse circumstances pull you two steps back? If so, then welcome to the majority. Most people feel the same way.

A wise person rightly said that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. You have to decide how much suffering your pain is going to inflict upon yourself and those around you.

Here are a few ways of thinking that will help you turn adversity into a postive experience.

The author goes of to present three ways of looking at adversity that can help change our relationship to it.

1.Adversity is a Symptom, Not a Cause
2.Adversity is a Lesson
3.Adversity is Guidance

Read the whole article.

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