Monday, October 15, 2007

Drug Abuse - Ronnie Coleman

This is what can happen if you take copious amounts of steroids, growth hormone, and insulin -- and have a defective myostatin gene. Twisted and somewhat gross. But Ronnie Coleman won 8 straight Olympia titles (Jay Cutler won the last two). Fortunately, for those twenty or thirty people who still care about bodybuilding, the judges are leaning more toward symmetry than pure bulk.

Ronnie Coleman

This was Arnold at his prime:

Looks a little more human -- and how many of us would like to look. That's why he is still considered the best ever.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie is a disgrace to bodybuilding. His gut alone should've disqualified him from the Olympia when he turned to full-blown GH/IGF1 abuse after 2002. And he was incredibly dishonest about it too. 2 thumbs down for him and his white but equally bloated counterpart Cutler.

william harryman said...

I agree completely, Joe.

I miss the days when Arnold and Frank Zane were the ideal of a powerful physique.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

im honestly a natural bodybuilder but i still manage to appreciate ronnie coleman. gh/insulin/steroids are a part of pro bodybuilding these days and if u were to bring arnold thru time put him on stage today with wot ronnie is on.. ronnie will beat him, big ron coleman is the greatest ever make no mistake.. just coz ur personal taste clouds ur judgement, doesnt mean he isnt, if u really know what ur talkin about and know what to look for in a bodybuilder u would know this. p.s ronnie doesnt look at his best in the video, he is guest posing and not as condition as he would be at an olympia

Anonymous said...

You forget Arnold took massive amounts of DBOL to look like that also, please dont tell me your that Naive to think he was natural are you?

william harryman said...

God no - Arnold admits his usage, BUT he wasn't doing growth hormone, insulin, and prostaglandins, or the sheer amount of drugs current bodybuilders take - so their physiques looked closer to what we might get if we worked hard.


Anonymous said...

what i want to know is, is it possible to get like ronnie or arnold without steroids?

mjscottlanyard said...

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