Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pearl Jam - Even Flow

Classic grunge in one of Seattle's best music venues (if it's still there).

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"Even Flow" is a song by the band Pearl Jam and the second single released off of their 1991 album, Ten. The song pairs a funky riff by Stone Gossard with stark lyrics by Eddie Vedder about homelessness. The vocal line that appears in the main verse begins with a very prominent tritone interval. The song peaked at #3 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

The original video was ultimately replaced by a performance clip, culled from footage shot during a January 17, 1992 show at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington. The footage used in the video is actually spliced from different songs: for instance Stone Gossard and Mike McCready each play two different guitars, Eddie Vedder wears a hat at some point and the theatre climb actually occurred during "Porch". Josh Taft was filming that night not in his capacity as a director but as a friend of Stone's. (At one point during the show, Eddie had even stopped the proceedings, clearly of the opinion that Taft's presence was intrusive. "This is not a TV studio, Josh" he'd yelled indignantly, in an interlude that Taft left in his final cut but that MTV clipped out of most versions it aired. "Turn those lights out, it's a fucking rock concert!") But in the end, Taft's presence at the Moore show, and the fact that he'd shot sufficient footage to cobble into an interesting video, was a lucky break. Otherwise with Epic hot to service MTV with an "Even Flow" clip and Schenck's zoo video already completed, Pearl Jam would have had little choice but to go with it, and they unanimously despised Schenck's version when they saw the final edit. (Thanks Wikipedia)

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