Monday, September 17, 2007

Author of "Political Brain" Study Responds

I've posted a couple of pieces regarding the "political brain" study that has been in the news lately (here and here). The best look at the study came not from the political pundits who know nothing about neuroscience and conducting research (though they'll still write as though they do), but from one of the neuroscience blogs, The Neurocritic.

It's not too surprising then that the author of the study, Dr. David Amodio, chose to respond in a venue where his work is understood and not distorted for political motives.

I like your blog – it’s important to a have a critical voice out there. However, given how this study has been misconstrued and sensationalized in the media, as well as among science bloggers, it’s important to address the criticisms directly. Though I’ve generally not worried about the “lay” coverage (how can you argue science with pundits?), it might be worthwhile to respond to a blog that is read by neuroscientists (including myself from time to time).

He goes on to address five criticisms of the study. The Neurocritic also adds his own response to Amodio's comments.

Read the whole post.

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