Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Poem: Oracles


Strange candles flicker
in darkness

the same way sunlight
shimmers on water,

but not the same at all
really, quite different

as I sit here writing
these words, wondering

why the ravens
are so much more quiet

than crows, loners, really,
not the friendly birds

I grew to love,
to resemble, to know

as mirrors of my soul,
dark shadows haunting

my dreams and mocking
my self-importance,

teachers of another source,
another way to be

in the world, but not of it,
walking in the streets

with my head down,
kicking through leaves,

eager to be back
in my cave, alone

with my candles,
cradled by shadows.


Sandra said...

I really like your blog and poems, thoughts..
I have added your link to my blogger
~peace & Blessings~

Naiyaru said...

beautiful, thank you so much for sharing! love, Nienke