Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Brief History of Burma

I found this at News Bloggers:

As events continue to unfold in Burma I come across a couple videos that will help everybody get up to date on the events. First, a recent clip from CNN International where in under 10 minutes they explain the lead up to this month's protests and also explain how the pro-democracy activists have been using the internet to get their message heard around the world, although the Internet has since been shut down in Burma.

In that last video they referred to Shwe's ritzy wedding clip on youtube, that can be viewed here.

This second video is a documentary about the Burmese struggle for Democracy. John Pilger went undercover into Burma 11 years ago and produced this documentary.
'Inside Burma: Land of Fear' was first broadcast in May 1996. It was written and presented by John Pilger and produced and directed by David Munro. The film detailed the many injustices and human rights abuses that have so badly marked the country's past and present. Amnesty International has described Burma as a 'prison without bars' of a country which has a beauty and resources probably unequalled in Asia.

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