Friday, June 29, 2007

Speedlinking 6/29/07

Quote of the day:

"My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right?"
~ Charles M Schulz

Image of the day:

~ Lose Your Lovehandles -- "Get toned for summer with the Lose Your Lovehandles workout."
~ It's Not Too Late To Change - Lowering Cardiac Risk Later In Life -- "Can adopting a healthier lifestyle later in life help - or is it too late? In a study published in the July 2007 issue of The American Journal of Medicine, researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston found that people 45 to 64 years of age who added healthy lifestyle behaviors could substantially reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and reduce their death rate."
~ Why Diets Can Never Work -- "As the writer of a popular fitness blog I get emailed almost every day by people asking what diet to use, why their diet does not work, and especially why everyone seems to gain weight after they stop their diet. Well the simple answer is that diets just can’t ever work."
~ How marathon rookies can get off on right foot -- "An upset stomach, a long night of frequent visits to the bathroom, blisters and chafing are just a few of the common mistakes runners make when preparing for a marathon."
~ Yogurt drink settles stomach after antibiotics -- "A yogurt drink containing "good" bacteria helped patients avoid the diarrhea caused by antibiotics, British researchers reported on Friday."
~ Savor the barbecue flavor — minus the risk -- "For people who want to enjoy an outdoor summer meal and still watch their weight, grilling can be a lean and heart-healthy alternative to frying. Unfortunately, the same grill that gives food that crispy, smoky taste can also turn your burger into a toxic meal, reports Susan Moores, R.D."
~ Mild Weight Loss May Help People With Type 2 Diabetes -- "Losing a modest amount of body weight -- about 8% -- may help the health of people with type 2 diabetes, experts report in Diabetes Care."

~ Study: Antidepressants Do Not Help in Bipolar Treatment -- "Despite a lack of solid consensus on their effectiveness, many psychiatrists prescribe antidepressants to augment the normal mood stabilizer treatment of bipolar disorder. A new double-blind study led by Dr. Gary Sachs suggests that this medication combination does not produce positive effects."
~ The Healing Arts -- "Moving therapy from the couch to the art easel."
~ The Creative Self -- "Do you long to express yourself?"
~ The Three Love Fears -- " Love is just one of those things that the world can't live without. And yet, there are those who shun from it. Who are these and why?"
~ Distorted Body Image Could Be Linked To Abnormal Brain Function -- "Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), or dysmorphophobia, is a hidden disease that affects nearly three million Americans. It is hidden because patients with the disease often go to great lengths to hide from the world, often altering their appearance through plastic surgeries, wrongly perceiving themselves to be ugly or having a hideous physical flaw. Sanjaya Saxena, Ph.D."
~ Now anxious people can help themselves -- "People suffering from anxiety disorders can help themselves using approaches based on cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT), according to a new book by a University of Manchester psychologist."

~ Analysis: 'Sicko' mostly accurate, needs context -- "Michael Moore's "Sicko," which opened nationwide Friday, is filled with horror stories of people who are deprived of medical service because they can't afford it or haven't been able to navigate the murky waters of managed care in the United States. A CNN analysis found that his numbers were mostly right, but his arguments could use a little more context."
~ The Copenhagen syndrome -- "How far does your radius of empathy extend? Are you prepared to include "others" in pursuit of a more inclusive "we"? The impact of immigration and poverty on everyday life make these questions a matter of personal as well as intellectual and governmental concern, says KA Dilday."
~ Mikhail Bakhtin: The Word in the World by Graham Pechey -- Reviewed by Terry Eagleton -- "For the past three decades, Mikhail Bakhtin has been more of an industry than an individual. Not only an industry, in fact, but a flourishing transnational corporation, complete with jet-setting chief executives, global conventions and its own in-house journal. In the field of cultural theory, this victim of Stalinism is now big business. Most of the mouth-filling terms he coined – dialogism, double-voicedness, chronotope, heteroglossia, multi-accentuality – have passed into the lexicon of contemporary criticism."
~ Grading the Democratic Debate -- "Obama and Clinton scored big at a forum focused on America's minority communities. But the most memorable - and odd - performance of the night went to Joe Biden."
~ Eleanor Clift on Dick Cheney's Dangerous Influence -- "A longtime confidant of the Bush and Cheney families describes the dangerous influence of the vice president."
~ Science Not to Blame for Non-Religious Scientists -- "Household upbringing best explains why most scientists aren't religious."
~ The Roots Of Punishment -- "A finding from a theoretical model of cooperative activity reveals that making an enterprise optional also makes it more sustainable."

~ Hubble Catches Jupiter Changing Its Stripes -- "Massive Jupiter is undergoing dramatic atmospheric changes that have never been seen before with the keen "eye" of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope."
~ Jury finds Citgo guilty of criminal Clean Air Act charges -- "In a legal first, oil refiner Citgo has been found guilty of criminal charges under the Clean Air Act. The case -- involving two open-air storage tanks in Corpus Christi, Texas, that released the carcinogen benzene into the air -- marks the first time criminal violations of the act have gone to trial...."
~ MySpace launches video sharing site in YouTube challenge -- "Online social-networking powerhouse MySpace on Thursday set out to knock YouTube from its throne by launching a website devoted to Internet video and television shows."
~ Squash Cultivated 10,000 Years Ago -- "Evidence shows squash was among the first crops to be farmed in the New World."
~ Nanosoccer debuts at RoboCup 2007 -- "Imagine a mechanical PelĂ© or David Beckham six times smaller than an amoeba playing with a “soccer ball” no wider than a human hair on a field that can fit on a grain of rice. Purely science fiction? Not anymore." Seems like this wouldn't work as a spectator sport. ;)
~ Where did we come from, and how did we get to where we live today? -- "In the first scientific publication from The Genographic Project, a five-year effort to understand the human journey, we see the first attempts to answer these age-old questions."

~ On being a Guru -- "In this video Andrew Cohen interviews the Three Gurus (Swami Shankarananda, Swami Chetanananda, and Master Charles Cannon) starting with bringing up 'the challenge, on a very human level, for the guru, for the realizer, for the individual who assumes that position...'"
~ The filter of resistance -- "In exploring resistance, a few things stand out: First, that whatever arises, and in particular emotions and strong sensations, are filtered by resistance. They appear in an often entirely different way when there is resistance and when there is not."
~ Working with “What is Self? “ -- "I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t publish it since it clearly came, at least partly, from being in the grips of my own shadow and beliefs. The content is maybe OK enough, but the tone is certainly from being caught up in beliefs creating a sense of I am right and she is wrong. I am smarter than she is. I get it, she doesn’t quite."
~ The Backyard Boddhisatva -- "A car mechanic's generosity taught Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das that people who give selflessly come in all guises."
~ Hitting the Streets -- "My question on this post is What is Integral Theory Good For in Real Life? How do people actually Use all of this Talk to make their own lives or the lives of others better? How does it hit the streets?" A thread over at the Zaadz I-I pod.
~ PW Review of The Integral Vision (by Ken Wilber) -- "The following is a review from Publisher's Weekly of Ken's upcoming book, The Integral Vision, to be released on August 14, 2007."

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