Thursday, March 15, 2007

Speedlinking 3/15/07

Quote of the day:

"To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it."
~ CK Chesterton

Image of the day:

~ SE7EN: The Advanced Metabolic Agent for Hardcore Women -- Biotest products are among the best on the market, so if you want to use supplements they are the best choice. This is a new advanced version of an older supplement -- it is not hormone-based so it is safe for women.
~ The Figure Program -- A Chad Waterbury program for women who want to look like figure models -- a good program to use with Se7en.
~ The Fat Loss Troubleshooter: A New Bodybuilder's Algorithm -- Wisdom from Lonnie Lowery.
~ Get an A-List Body -- "Get the secrets behind your favorite stars' workouts."
~ Get Better Sleep -- "Get the National Sleep Foundation's recommendations for better zzzs."
~ Do Shopping Lists Promote Or Prevent Healthy Choices? -- "Comparing memory-based and stimulus-based decision making, researchers from Duke, UCLA, and the University of Florida found that trying to recall what options are available - such as when making a shopping list at home - uses mental resources that might otherwise be used to counter impulsive choices."
~ New Reason To Hit The Gym: Fighting Memory Loss -- "Research has shown that people who exercise do better on memory tests. Now a new Columbia University Medical Center study explains specifically what exercise does within the brain. Exercise, the researchers found, targets a region of the brain within the hippocampus, known as the dentate gyrus, which underlies normal age-related memory decline that begins around age 30 for most adults."
~ Green tea plus painkiller slows prostate cancer -- "A component of green tea combined with a low dose of a COX-2 inhibitor may act in concert to slow the spread of human prostate cancer."
~ Obesity, illness speed testosterone decline -- Another example of how the increase in estrogen associated with fat tissue impacts health.

~ Human Aggression Is Deep Rooted -- "Ape-like human ancestors known as australopiths maintained short legs for 2 million years because a squat physique and stance helped the males fight over access to females, a University of Utah study concludes."The old argument was that they retained short legs to help them climb trees that still were an important part of their habitat," says David Carrier, a professor of biology."
~ Sleepless nights may hinder moral judgment -- "Sleep deprivation may lead not only to bleary-eyed mornings, but clouded moral judgment as well, a study suggests."
~ Eating Disorders Not Confined to Women -- "The majority of individuals suffering from varied eating disorders are, undeniably, female, but the first national study of eating disorders in 3,000 adults indicates that men are much more susceptible than previously thought: 25 percent of confessed anorexics and 40 percent of binge eaters in the study were male."
~ Your Muscles Don't Always Listen To What Your Brain Says -- "Have your neurons been shouting at your muscles again? It happens, you know. As we grow older, neurons--the nerve cells that deliver commands from our brains--have to "speak" more loudly to get the attention of our muscles to move, according to University of Delaware researcher Christopher Knight, an assistant professor in UD's College of Health Sciences."
~ Why IQ matters - a graph -- Interesting.
~ Lopsided Love -- "The issues behind a non-reciprocating partner."
~ The Damaging Relationship -- "Why smart women make dumb mistakes about men."
~ Live Long with the Right Words -- "The right outlook and use of the right words can make all the difference in how long you live according to a Carnegie Mellon University study."

~ Court says U.S. can ban medical marijuana -- "A California woman with an inoperable brain tumor may not use marijuana to ease her pain even though California voters have approved medical marijuana, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Wednesday." Dumbasses.
~ Two top Democrats unveil child-health proposal -- "Two leading congressional Democrats on Wednesday unveiled legislation intended to ensure that the 9 million U.S. children who currently have no health insurance can get it through existing government programs."
~ Atheist Congressman Wins Praise -- "The American Humanist Association applauded Rep. Pete Stark for publicly acknowledging he does not believe in a supreme being."
~ 300 Sparks an Outcry in Iran -- "The hit film's depiction of the ancient Persians is being seen in Iran as another American insult."
~ Capturing Every Moment -- "Whether in the name of fun, fear, or scientific inquiry, people are digitally logging their every move with photos, GPS trackers, and digital recorders."
~ Is Gonzales a Diversion? -- "Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is taking fire -- but he may also be creating a diversion."
~ FBI Slips Demand Patriot Act Cuts -- "A probe finds the FBI abused its expanded powers to obtain Americans' private records. Time to put the G-men on a shorter leash. Commentary by Jennifer Granick."
~ Public Still Supports Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants -- A Gallup poll.

~ You Call Yourself a Progressive -- But You Still Eat Meat? -- An environmental defense of rejecting meat in favor of plants. Personally, I eat meat and eggs and dairy products -- my cholesterol is 142, my bodayfat is 11%, and I have no moral issues with eating free range meat.
~ Thousands Of Rice Varieties Protected In New Agreement To Safeguard World Food Production -- "An unprecedented new agreement that will involve the annual dispersal in perpetuity of US$600,000 was unveiled in the Philippines to help fund the protection and management of the world's thousands of unique rice varieties."
~ Passive Smoking's Aggressive Side -- "Secondhand Smoke Exposure Leads to Continuing Heart Risks, New Study Finds."
~ Even Camels Aren't Safe From Global Warming -- "Australia's current drought, the worst in a century, is driving its feral camels mad with thirst. The country's 1 million wild camels, the largest population in the world, are stampeding through Western Australian towns looking for water."
~ Saturn's Icy Moon May Have Been Hot Enough for Life, Study Finds -- "Saturn's moon Enceladus may be one of the most likely places in the solar system to have life, and it may have gotten off to a hot, highly radioactive start, scientists say."
~ Reindeer Change Their Eyes for Summer and Winter, Study Finds -- "Reindeer alter the color and structure of their eyes with the seasons in response to strongly contrasting Arctic light conditions, new research shows." Nature is amazing.
~ Salamander Tongue Is World's Most Explosive Muscle -- "With a bow-and-arrow-like mouth mechanism, the giant palm salamander of Central America delivers the most powerful tongue strike ever measured." There's a joke to be made here, but I'll pass.
~ Terrorist Use of Google Earth Raises Security Fears -- "Satellite images from the free 3-D globe were found in Iraqi insurgents' homes, leading to controversial requests for the tool to censor sensitive locations." Saw that coming a mile away.

~ What’s Plunge Got to Do With It? from Buddhist Geeks.
~ kerfuffle time -- "Based in part on a kerfuffle on esangha about the different approaches to Buddhism as expounded by Genpo Roshi and Brad Warner, I have a serious question, a question I think deserves an up-close-and-personal response ... and not some smarmy, everything-is-Dharma or constipated, dig-my-discipline response: Who gives a sh*it?"
~ Showing Up from The Buddhist Diaries.
~ Emotional Intelligence & Relationship from Gary at Integral in Seattle.
~ Have You Seen the Universe? -- A cool site linked to by ~C4Chaos.
~ Religion not The Answer, says Andrew Sullivan -- Joe Perez at Until looks at Sullivan's comments.

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