Friday, December 22, 2006

Speedlinking 12/22/06

This morning's image is from The Fairest:

~ Staley Strategies: The A-B Split -- hardcore training advice that makes sense, and oh yeah, it works.
~ Watch More TV, Gain More Weight -- duh?!
~ The top 10 uses for Christmas fruitcakes (satire).
~ Christmas Goodies Pack on the Pounds.
~ Exercise, diet reduce fatty liver in obese teens.

~ Study: Teens Use Medicines to Get High -- "Skittles" can produce a hallucinogenic high that will kill you. Fun.
~ Delusions and insight on ABC All in the Mind.
~ Cognitive Science of Humor.
~ The One-Minute Rule -- a simple way to unstress your life.
~ What determines the future karmic returns of giving?
~ The Goal of Buddhist Practice -- From Tom at Thoughts Chase Thoughts.
~ Triage -- Steve Pavlina's approach to time management.
~ The Buddhist Practitioner: A Full-Time "Reflecter" from Mike an Unknowing Mind.

~ McCain's Move to the Right Troubles GOP Insiders -- McCain has sold out the "maverick" image and following he worked so long to cultivate. What a weasel.
~ Democrats Hiring Up for Investigations -- "Evidence continues to mount that the new Democratic majority plans to investigate the war, energy policy, and other Bush policies, key committees have begun hiring lawyer-investigators whose job will be to probe into the administration."
~ The Year That Religion Learned Humility -- "The new millennium saw the rise of fundamentalist faith as a cultural force. In 2006, says Andrew Sullivan, the religious monoliths began to break down."
~ Keeping Intelligent Design Out of Science Classrooms.
~ Reefer Madness - Full Movie -- If you've never seen this, it's hilarious -- and oh so paranoid, racist, sexist, and stupid.
~ Thou Shalt Realize the Bible Kicketh Ass -- "What if The Bible were happening right now? That’s the question Douglas Rushkoff has been trying to grapple with in Testament, a series of graphic novels that transpose Biblical stories into contemporary narratives." By RU Sirius

~ The Weirdest Science Stories of 2006.
~ Massive Cosmic Explosion Has Astronomers Stumped -- "An unusual gamma-ray burst has astronomers wondering what new type of cosmic explosion could have created the brilliant blast of light."
~ Green building codes: One of the big environmental stories of 2007?
~ Just in case you need another reason to oppose ag subsidies -- "They waste money, trash the environment, wreck trade relations, and oh, devastate small farmers."
~ Savvy Squirrels Outwit Trees -- Okay, brain vs no brain, um, the mammal should win.
~ Largest European Dinosaur Found -- Don't worry, it's dead.
~ Climate Change vs Mother Nature: Scientists reveal that bears have stopped hibernating.
~ USDA Stocks Organics Board with Business Reps.

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Mike said...

Sweet link to the A-B split. Thanks for that, Bill. I hope you have a great holiday!