Saturday, August 19, 2006

Speedlinking 8/19/06

Welcome to the weekend!

Let us commence to linking . . . .

~ The Zero Boss reports on the demise of abstinence-only sex ed in Canton, OH. Jay is a funny man.

~ Brian at Zaadz posted a link to another Zaadz member, Nick Krasnic, who has created a movie called Alex Grey: The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Here is the trailer:

~ Matthew Dallman responded to my comments in defense of SDi and Gravesian theory. He feels SD is useless, and in fact, a distraction to answering the real question as he sees it, which is how to "reign compassionately yet victoriously over Islamic terrorists." I'm waiting to see a viable answer from his side of the fence.

~ Geoff Falk is an angry, angry man. He has posted something he claims to have received from I-I, but I did not get anything, and I'm on all the mailing lists. Falk is a little skeptical, as he should be, since the piece aims at him sometimes and has the tone of a Wyatt Earpy post, though mellower.

~ Gareth at Green Clouds posted his Friday’s Jamboree, a roundup of Buddhist blog posts from the last week. Good stuff to be found there.

~ Steve Pavlina posts on the Law of Attraction. He's going out on some pretty thin limbs here, so be warned that logic may not be the currency of that post.

~ For you conscious business fans out there, How to Save the World has posted his vision for and defense of a new Proposal: The New Enterprise Coaching Foundation. Sounds pretty cool if I were into business coaching rather than integral coaching.

~ Colmar seems to be dismayed that the Dems, or at least Joe Biden, have declared war on Walmart, perhaps the most uncompassionate business model on the planet. What really bothers Colmar seems to be the Dems support of unionizing Walmart employees. Walmart is the second largest employer in the US (after the government), and in AZ, at least, they are the number one employer with employees on public assistance. And that $10/hr number in the article is from the Walmart website and bears no semblance to the $6/hr people start at in actual Walmart stores here in the desert.

~ Ray Harris is a pro-Western progressive. He also defends Israel's just war.

~ Amadeus at dharma::vision adds to the Walmart debate with an unlinked quote:
When asked about the idea that Wal-Mart runs "mom and pop" stores out of business Andrew Young, Wal-Mart's public relations specialist told the Los Angeles Sentinel that those small stores "are the people who have been overcharging us, selling us stale bread and bad meat and wilted vegetables...They've ripped off our communities enough. First it was Jews, then it was Koreans and now it's Arabs...."
~ P2P Foundation offers a bunch of tasty links.

~ MSNBC says that now that the war is over, Hezbullah is shifting from fighting to politicking while they rebuild, regroup, and rearm.
Abu Ahmed is one of Hizbullah's point men in the reconstruction of the dahiye, the Shiite-dominated southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital that housed Hizbullah's offices and TV station that were hit hardest by the Israeli attacks of recent weeks. Outside his office, many neighborhood residents have lined up with deeds and other official papers to request compensation. Abu Ahmed claims that Hizbullah is paying out an average of $12,000 dollars, roughly equivalent to one years' rent in the neighborhood, to families who lost their homes during the monthlong war. The next phase of activity will focus on shops and businesses that have been damaged.
~ The Nation looks at The Dictionary of Republicanisms: One Year Later.

~ For all you art lovers,
deviantART is a cool site that allows you to browse tons of art in all mediums and styles. I started a page that I will add to later today.

Alrighty then, that's all I have this morning. It's Saturday, so take a nap, pet the cat (or dog), and tell someone you love them.

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Steve said...

Thanks for the links, Bill. I gain so much from them every day. I read Colmar's post on Walmart and replied to your comment on it. It seems that a little balance is needed there at times. :-)