Thursday, August 17, 2006

Speedlinking 8/17/06

I'd like to begin today's speedlinks with a finger pointing to a new links category on the sidebar, Other Cool Sites. I'll be expanding this a bit in the coming days, but I want to acknowledge the first link, Religious Forums, a cool community where people can discuss religions and spirituality in a civilized way. All the major religions are represented and there are other areas of discussion, as well. It's a great resource, so stop by and check them out -- registration is free.

Alrighty then . . . .

~ CJ Smith at Indistinctunion offers Political Wrap-up I: Int'l. and Political Wrap Up II: Domestic--Trans-Racial Discourse. Give these a look. Smith is a good writer and engages with his critics.

~ C4Chaos wants to turn his considerable intellect and energy outward instead of inward. He plans to begin growing the WE part of his world through social enterprise.

~ Generation Sit is out of business. But Vince is planning a 2.0 version: Buddhist Geeks, coming soon.

~ Sujatin at lotusinthemud introduces us to gWiki, the wiki for the Green crowd.

~ How to Save the World has another excellent post, this one on how to find meaningful work. This is a good blog, right up there with Steve Pavlina on some days. Check it out.

~ Check out the Triple Tofu Tower at the Chubby Vegan. [Link posted by Brian at Zaadz.]

~ Matthew Dallman is sure we love to hate Ann Coulter. He's grooving on a piece by Elspeth Reeve in The New Republic, a well-written defense of Coulter's ability to shock and awe liberals with her half-truths and reductionism.

~ Mike at Unknowing Mind takes on the inherent good or evil debate.

~ DK Matai at Deepak Chopra's Intent Blog has a nice piece about Interfaith Dialogue - Unity of Man & Conflict, which reposts an article by His Holiness Master Kirpal presented at the Third World Religions Conference in New Delhi, India, in 1965.

~ Speaking of Deepak Chopra, he has the gall to suggest that Freedom Doesn't Have to Be Democracy. The hell, you say!?

~ Amaze your friends! Impress your boss! You, too, can make crop circles! No need to let those pesky aliens have all the glory, Dreamflesh informs us that all we need is The Field Guide: The Art, History and Philosophy of Crop Circle Making.

~ Jon Stewart on Bush's summer reading choice:

~ Our federal government has found a "legal" way to allow single sex classrooms. These are public schools, mind you, not our own version of the madrassa.

And that's enough for one morning. Have a great day.

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