Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Speedlinking 8/1/06

The big news from last night is that Ken Wilber is very ill again with "a pretty bad REDD/CFIDS flare-up with suffocation and a raging fever." Let's all pray for an end to his pain and a quick recovery.

In other news:

~ Open Integral has a new post mostly by Ed Berge that attempts to answer the question of what consciousness is. The post is made up from comments that appeared in another post on the site.

~ The Daily Goose posted an excerpt from a review of the new book by Charles Murray, Human Accomplishment. MD is looking for a more neutral definition of neoconservative and seems to like what he found in the review.

~ Dave at Via Negtiva has a nice post called Psalm for the Rapture.

~ Daniel O'Connor at Catallaxis has a great post on Sustainable Growth -- it's long and it requires some attention, but it's definitely worth reading.

~ The second Festival of the Trees is up at Roundrock Journal -- stop by and have a look at the variety of tree-inspired posts that have been collected.

~ Glen Greenwald thinks Bill Kristol might be writing Bush's Middle East speeches.

~ Common Dreams has an article up about a scientist who thinks he may have found an "escape route" from global warming.

~ NICHOLAS LEMANN, writing for The New Yorker isn't very impressed with the blogging world -- he would rather see real journalists blogging than have bloggers replace "real" journalists.

~ TruthOut reports that John Kerry is preaching affordable health care for all Americans. Looks like he's planning his attack for 2008. Where was this all-too-familiar idea back in 2004? This is Kerry's response, it would seem, to John Edward's new war on poverty. Meanwhile, Hillary is trying to prevent me from burning a flag if I feel like it. Welcome to Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest.

~ ProBlogger has an informative intro to desktop blog editors. Where was this a few months ago when I was trying to find a good one?

Okay, that should keep you all busy for a few minutes.


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Anonymous said...

Dude, I know you mean it in the best way possible, but your qualifier "like him or not..." is really wierding me out. Of course we all do or should love Wilber, whatever our conflicts with some of his behavior or ideas. I feel nothing but sorrow over his pain and the hope it ends soon and well for him--I'm sure you do too (with no qualifier needed).

Kai in NYC

william harryman said...


Thanks for pointing that out -- edits have been made.