Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crop Circles Are Back

Wired is reporting that crop circles are back -- and in trendy new designs that perfectly complement your choice of crops. Okay, so they didn't quite say that.
Crop circles have started appearing again in the English countryside, but this time in a new permutation.

A crop circle in a complicated three-dimensional design was discovered in the first week of July near Ashbury, Oxfordshire. The exaggerated perspective of the formation, which is approximately 360 feet in diameter, suggests a bird's-eye view of a group of skyscrapers, as though the viewer was looking down on a city center from directly overhead.

The new circle is located near the famous Uffington White Horse and a Neolithic burial chamber called Wayland's Smithy, which dates back to 3700 B.C.

The formation was originally spotted by the pilot of a microlight aircraft. When Steve Alexander heard about it, he immediately hired a helicopter to get a better view. The 34-year-old crop circle researcher, who is the co-author with Karen Alexander of a series of crop circle yearbooks, was stunned by the unique pattern in the wheat field.

"Of late, the crop circles seem concerned with the moving of one dimension into another," Steve Alexander said. "This is perhaps one of the most striking and overt expressions of that idea to date."
Read the rest here. Check out the gallery of trend-right designs here.

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Unknown said...

These are great! Those space aliens rock this season!

To the many space aliens who are readers of IOC may I make a request? I'd like to see a pastiche of Van Gogh's Sunflowers done in corn and Belgian endive.