Sunday, May 14, 2006

Unable to Remember

Well, the poems keep coming. I feel like I am wandering in the dark looking for my voice. I don't want to write the same kinds of poems I used to write. I want the new work to reflect my life as it is now, to have a Buddhist and/or integral flavor. I have no idea how to do that. So I will keep searching and, for good or bad, I'll keep sharing the search.

[Original Face -- found at coolmel]

Unable to Remember
"This is it. There are no hidden meanings.
All that mystical stuff is just what's so
~ Werner Erhard

every day is today . . . for a while, then
it's not -- if only I could remember

the metaphysical weight of water
in a place so dry that rain is a blessing

the cactus wrens seem oblivious, tending
their nests, chasing away ground squirrels

I haven't learned the secret, decoded
the landscape -- if only could remember

what magic of mind paints a few clouds
amazing shades of orange at sunset

why old man coyote has stopped trying
to seduce young women with his charms

nothing makes sense when I count
the days -- if only I could remember

this day was once every day, but I have
misplaced myself, have been reduced

to dust blowing through the canyons,
unable to remember my original face

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