Friday, March 31, 2006

Gratitude, Day 23

For a while now, I have been entertaining the thought of trying to write poetry again. But I want to do something different than I did when I last wrote poems, so I have decided to study haiku. I like the precision of the form and the element of spiritual discipline introduced to the form by Basho, perhaps the greatest haiku poet.

So, today I am grateful for new challenges.

And I am grateful for this haiku, one of my favorites:
On a withered branch
a crow has settled --
autumn nightfall.

What are you grateful for?

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Anonymous said...

Today I'm grateful for all my beautiful children.

kathy said...

i love Basho's poems and his haiku's. I'm still learning about him and reading his stuff. this one is beautiful too, i just stumbled across it the other day.

In the Moonlight a worm...
drills through a chestnut

I'm grateful for all the poets out there who i have learned from. I hope to see more of your poems.

Thank you WH :)

Umguy said...

I am grateful for resiliency. In myself and in others.

Anonymous said...

For a while I've been struggling with the fact that I feel called to be a workshop leader but haven't figured out how to harness my intellect in the service of creating a workshop model (since my intuition is stronger than my intellect). I've been experiencing this as a major roadblock and have been wondering how to get through it.

This morning I awoke at the tail end of a dream about the start of one of my workshops. I wasn't quite ready to begin yet, but people were treating me as a worthy workshop leader and were eager to connect with me and learn from me. As I began to write down my dream, a good chunk of a workshop syllabus poured out of my pen. So that's where a lot of this is going to come from. What a great reminder about trusting the process. I can count on my deep self to find a way for me to become a workshop leader that's in line with who I am. I don't have to become someone else to do this -- what a relief!