Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gratitude, Day 20

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It rained today, though only briefly. As always, I am grateful for rain, even when it's just a tease.

I am also grateful, today like many others, for the Buddhists who have chosen to share the wisdom they have found over the years with those like me who struggle to stay on the path. It really does help to read their words and to try to implement their insights.

What are you grateful for?


Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for you -- and for your choice to move to Tucson four years ago today to give our relationship a chance to deepen and thrive. We're on an incredible journey, and I feel tremendously blessed.

I'm also grateful for my buddy coaching group. I was feeling very anxious about my first coaching session tomorrow, and I got some great support that helped me see how to interrupt that anxiety when it comes up. It's an old pattern that no longer serves me, and I'm grateful to be learning new ways to deal with it so that I avoid falling into the elephant pit.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for the beauty and solitude of Sabino and how it challenges me physically and renews me spiritually.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for the long conversations that I have been having on the phone. Getting to know people is such a thrill.


Sophia said...

I'm greatful for life! And for rain. :) Your post made me think about it... especially the smell of it. I love the smell of rain. I love the sound it makes as it pitter patters on the roof. I love the way it makes me feel secure as I sit in my cozy home and watch the rain from a window. Thank goodness for rain. :)