Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mark Solms: "The Conscious Id"


From the New York Psychoanalytic Institute's Neuropsychoanalysis Lecture Series, Dr, Mark Solms (University of Cape Town) speaks on the Freudian concepts of id and ego, and what contemporary neuroscience says about these primary aspects of the Freudian concept of mind.

Solms is the author of The Brain and the Inner World: An Introduction to the Neuroscience of the Subjective Experience (2003), an outstanding book.

Mark Solms: "The Conscious Id"

Published on Nov 16, 2012

Recent developments in affective neuroscience seem to demand, for the first time since the advent of neuropsychoanalysis, a revision of one of Freud's most fundamental concepts. Join us at this important meeting, to consider whether the neuroscientific evidence that will be presented indicates that the primitive part of the mind which Freud described as the 'id' is intrinsically conscious, and the reality-oriented 'ego' is unconscious -- and that it derives its consciousness from the endogenous id rather than from sensory perception.

Part One

Part Two

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