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Shunyamurti - The Transcendental Party at the End of Time Is Now Officially Under Way

From Reality Sandwich, this is a partly interesting article and a partly misguided article. The analysis of the breakdown of society as it now exists is accurate. However, the notion that entheogenic consciousness is the only option to replace the current system is wishful and naive thinking.

Or maybe it's just been too many years since I last ingested an entheogen.

Emergence of the Entheopolitan


A mass transmutation is occurring on our planet, leading to the emergence of a new kind of transhuman being: the Entheopolitan. Consider this essay an outline of both the complex dissipative environment in which this rhizomatic interconnective supercharging shamanic shape shift is happening and some of the early, unintended consequences of this unpredictable event-in-process.
First, we need to examine the intersection of a number of factors and actants in the current sociopolitical level of reality that has served as the petri dish for the emergence of our new species. 

The main ones are the following:
1. The slo-mo collapse of global civilization and particularly of the capitalist empire that pulls its strings; 
2. Climate change acceleration, heightened seismic and volcanic activity and the distributive effects of drought, plagues, floods, and superstorms on global stability; 
3. The fall of the petro-citizen paradigm and its hobbling of conscious creativity and alienation from nature;
4. The loss of religious, ethical, and social paradigms that once channeled collective psychic energies into sublimating tendencies that served to contain the lower death drive; and simultaneously the almost ironic occurrence of a new wave of near-death experiences and other paranormal phenomena by neuroscientists and doctors, among other credible witnesses; 
5. The chaotic state of current science, with the lack of consensus on the meaning of quantum physics, and the return of the “hidden variables” theorists (those who refuse to give up obsolete paradigms, claiming that someday there will appear hidden variables that will prove their newtonian perspective to be correct); the credible challenge to neo-darwinism by some non-mythic form of intelligent design theory; and the discovery of new anomalies—requiring hypotheses such as dark energy and dark matter and alternatives to big bang cosmologies; plus the far more immediately disconcerting loss of consensus on the psychological, not to mention ontological foundations of human consciousness (thanks to the fall of the psychoanalytic establishment and the lack of any widely accepted alternative concepts of the unconscious and of human development and awareness—Jung, Deleuze, the Dalai Lama, and Ken Wilber notwithstanding); 
6. The massive disinformation campaigns led by government-controlled mass media, abetted by governmental and corporate corruption and not-so-secret plans for a new world order; the so-called austerity measures that are destroying the social fabric of the developed world; plus the irrational conspiratorial paranoia that inevitably surrounds such a situation; all this exacerbated by the growing awareness of the extraterrestrial presence and secret involvement in world affairs; 
7. The consequent loss of consensus in relation to discourse itself; the lack of common ground between different sub-cultures; the lack of trust among humans at all levels of organization; the hyper-politicization of psychiatry and diagnostic paradigms influenced greatly by the military-industrial phalanx led by the pharmaceutical industry; the accelerated fragmenting and destabilizing of individual ego consciousness, leading to a pandemic of psychosis; and thus to a new understanding of the unconscious mind and its relation to consciousness as well as to the long-denied reality of super-consciousness and the cosmic noosphere.
All of the above leaves us in the abyss, groundless, with nothing to hold onto in our relentless search for security and wisdom. For this reason, most people choose one of the following strategies:
• Denial—and submission to the system;
• Alcoholism or some other addiction or behavioral pathology or mental disorder, including psychosis;
• Despair, sometimes leading to suicide;
• Savage hyper-religiosity and/or extreme nationalism;
• Political activism and civil protest—which usually ends in violent repression;
• Weaponized survivalism;
• Transmutation into Entheopolitans.
The last-named alternative is the only path that leads through the oncoming singularity into the possibility of a new age of benign world structures and life-supportive existential conditions. The choosing of the Entheopolitan alternative is in itself only explicable as a karmic emergence of hyper-complexity through an individual’s traversal of hopelessness (rather than denial) and initiation into the dark knighthood of the soul, through courageous dedication of the power of consciousness to truth, love, and the unknowable potentialities that can arise through self-discipline and perseverance in the striving toward the highest possible destiny.

To break through pre-conceptions, even those of a religious dimensionality to the point of bringing about an ego death and rebirth into entheocentricity, requires infinite trust in the fundamental goodness of Being, openness to awe and wonder, and recognition of the unique importance of living as a psychonaut willing to enter into the depths of crazy wisdom without submitting to the paralyzing fear of going insane or being perceived by others as mad.

This crossing of the border between conventional sanity and the sublime madness of higher knowledge in order to bring back touchstones of the miraculous is the imperative that underlies our power to survive and thrive as beings of ontological centrality to the purpose of existence itself. The meme of survival of the fittest now reaches to the farther shore of shamanic magic and nirvanic Self-realization, if we are to leap the gap between imminent mass die-off and tantric creation of a new world aeon.

We have reached the tipping point in the psycho-spiritual development of consciousness, in which the complexity accumulated in our collective chronology is meeting the resistance of the deadlock of non-adaptive egocentricity; yet in those who can withstand the pressure, the kairos of clairvoyance is erupting as a change in our essential nature. A new type of consciousness is emerging, one foreshadowed by religion—and by such metaphors as coal into diamond, caterpillar into butterfly, snake shedding its skin, matter becoming light, and human morphing into angel.

The qualitative change that we are undergoing is accelerating most in those who have successfully traversed the ego’s event horizon, whether through the assistance of entheogenic substances and/or of entheonic practices, such as meditation or other techniques of sustained recognition of non-duality.

The transmutation is being accompanied, and furthered, by the creation of new works of art that bring the truth of the entheopolitan consciousness into the Real. Such artists as Alex Grey, Android Jones, and Pablo Amaringo open a visual portal into entheogenic reality, just as the writings of recent psychonauts like Terence McKenna and a host of others, not to mention all the great sages of superconsciousness from Ramana Maharshi back to the Buddha and Yeshua the Christed, kept open the cognitive portal to the Immanent Beyond for all of us throughout history.

What is different about this moment, and why it is indeed fair to call this the end time, is that not only are we pouring the ancient wine into new bottles, but now we are finally drinking it! We are not just keeping it in our wine cellars to be handed down to a future generation.

Once enough of us have drunk the divine nectar of entheogenic consciousness, the vibrational field that supports the current constructs of reality will be realized by one and all as demonic delusion. The intensification of full-spectrum consciousness will open us all to the gravity-less rainbow of infinite delight, boundless, weightless, timeless freedom, and pure insight from the mind of the Beingless God. The kingdom will only come when the kingly Samadhi of omnicentric unity has made royal again our raging egos, melting down desire into love supreme, through the zero point of raja yogic reinstatement of the Absolute as ruler of every soul.

This imminent moment, when the breakthrough of original memory, the vision of the future as our lost past, is our longshot bet on the long-promised eternal return, the omega point is our alpha bet, the decisive commitment to be that ultimate uncreated indestructible residue that remains after all the planet has imploded, to blossom again into a new world of unimaginable perfection.

The ego mind is now too loaded on death and fury, its nihilistic gnostics cannot imagine the luminous infinite, the intelligence that lies beyond the matrix, the ecstasy engineers who tape the edges of the tapestry of time by tapping into the archetypes of mathematics, hyper-dimensional topologies fleshed out with color, sound, and sublime living mandalas of beauty.

It was such a vision, far more than the concupiscence of conquistadors, which launched the thousand ships of longing for the goddess of the new world and brought us to the shores of our lost cause.

This was once the vision of Columbia, our statue to lost liberty, which brought Columbus and so many other pilgrims from around the world, to a district of Columbia inspired by founding fathers now foundering in a false-flag fascist fatalism and reduced now to a columbarium, and to the meme of Columbine, reiterated daily, now sandy hooked and (bo)stoned by a marathon of murders, including the assassination of hope. Long ago, we buried our heart at Wounded Knee. Now we murder our minds before the TV.

This is the message of the mainstream. Terror, TINA (There Is No Alternative), and titillation are the only reactions allowed. Those who turn away (becoming TINA turners, singing out their pain) too often take a path of violent resistance that only accelerates the trend toward totalitarian control, martial law, and concentration camps. Guantanamo was only an hors d’oeuvre to start the rollback of all movements of freedom since before the Magna Carta; the wars we have witnessed in recent years are only trifles to tempt the appetite for aggression to the mad max, total war to destroy every society once and for all time.

There is a logic to this madness. But to understand it requires a deeper madness, really a deeper sanity, that can see the full picture even with only a few of the dots connected. This is the significance of entheonic intelligence. To develop this level of mind power on a collective basis requires the creation of new kinds of communities, brainstorming rather than brainwashing communities, led by sages and seers of our true mindnature, willing and able to think outside every box, synthesizing the wisdom of the past, from all the world’s philosophic and spiritual traditions, with the most avant-garde, overlooked, marginalized and “minor” thinkers of the present day.

And of course we need the work of those who do more than think—those who dare to feel, those who risk heightened sensation and enhanced intuitive knowing, who open the gates of gnosis, who will bomb the inner censor with substances or the Shakti of Self-enquiry; those who invoke the benign interstellar presences and download their discourse; who bring about the elimination of the deepest repression barrier and accept the onslaught of akashic information overload that goes direct to heart of the Self.

But the Entheopolitan is not a na├»ve smiley-faced fool who smokes too much weed. One enters the new consciousness through the old hard work miracle, the discipline of self-transformation, the willingness to face the inner darkness, to struggle with the projections and distortions of one’s own ego, to recognize the il n’y a pas (there is no possibility of authentic relationship at the ego level); to pass through the field of unconscious phantasies and conventional standards of beauty and meaning to reach the core of the Supreme Real. The Entheopolitan goes through many rites of passage before attaining the goal; in fact, it is never attained, because the end is the Endless. But the passage goes through Absolute Nothingness, to numinous multiplicity to unitive noumenal fullness, and every stop in between.

The Entheopolitan is at home everywhere because the mind of God is everywhere. The within is also without. The intersubjective seeks the intergalactic. The noocosm is Indra’s net prophet from the exchange of vibrational currencies in the mana market of the many worlds. We are all implicated in the implicate order that is now explicating itself in the apocalyptic revelations ripping apart our world to reveal our unmanifest destiny. Let us accept the coup de grace with full grace.

The Entheopolitan is emerging. When the critical mass is reached, the Entheopolitans will create an authentic Entheopolis, a cosmic City of the All-One God-Self, inhabited by enlightened and magical beings of bodhisattvic beauty and joyous generosity and genius. The Entheopolitans are already morphing into egoless leaders, Entheopoliticians, and soon a sublime alternative cosmic order will be negotiated in a constituent assembly of buddhas and beatified ones, devas and dakinis, reminiscent of the Lankavatara Sutra and other Madhyamaka visions of the promised, pure land of Sukhavati, the same Satya Yuga alluded to in the most ancient Vedic texts.

The great shift, the new kalpa, the transcendental party at the end of time, is now officially under way. Please RSVP.


Image by Bill David Brooks, courtesy of Creative Commons license.

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