Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ed and Deb Shapiro - What Are You Grateful For?

Contrary to what I have been hearing in the media, at the gym, or among my clients, today is NOT turkey day . . . it's Thanksgiving. It's NOT a day to get together with our friends and families and drink too much, revive ancient wounds, and eat until we fall into a carbohydrate induced coma . . . it's a day to share our gratitude and thankfulness for friends, family (if one is grateful for them), and all the good things in our lives. It's a day when the glass is always half full, when we count our blessings, and when we try to see the best in other people.

Obviously, for many people in this country, there is little to be grateful for - homes have been lost, unemployment is still exceptionally high even as corporations bring in record profits, there is illness and disease and war and violence and addictions and any other kind of suffering one can imagine. And yet, we are alive . . . until they put me in the ground and roll my box into the furnace, I hold on to the hope that things will be better tomorrow, or tomorrow, or tomorrow. And even if we have nothing, tomorrow things may change . . . and while work toward that better day, we can be grateful for those who help us along the way, for strangers who smile as they pass, for anything that touches our hearts.

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