Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Geoff Fitch - Generating Transformative Change Through Working with Polarities

James Alexander Arnfinsen speaks with Geoff Fitch, founder and CEO of Pacific Integral, in this podcast from LeveLei.


In this episode I´m glad to be joined by Geoff Fitch, founder and CEO of Pacific Integral. This is an organization in the U.S. that “works with both individuals and organizations that are committed to the emergence of a sustainable, equitable and beautiful future for humanity”. Geoff is coming to Norway in June in relation to a 5-day seminar focusing on transformative and integral education. In our conversation we explore Pacific Integral´s highly acclaimed program Generating Transformative Change (GTC), before we delve into the possibilities and mysteries of working with polarities. Through poignant examples relating to both personal and systemic transformation, Geoff demonstrates how transcending the either/or-mindset can lead to deep change and transformation for both individuals and society at large.

Episode links:
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Polarity management
Enacting Containers for Integral Transformative Development, article by Geoff Fitch, Venita Ramirez, and Terri O’Fallon

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