Saturday, November 26, 2011

Philosopher's Zone - Daniel Dennett on human consciousness and free will

I am not a huge fan of Dennett, but he is always an interesting listening experience. He is one of the older generation who still believes that mind and consciousness are by-products of brain activity. But he also honors the magic and beauty of such a thing as consciousness.

Daniel Dennett on human consciousness and free will

Daniel C. Dennett      (image - Kevin.Reed) (Flickr - Kevin.Reed)
Daniel C. Dennett (image - Kevin.Reed)
This week on The Philosopher's Zone, we meet one of the foremost thinkers of our time. Daniel Dennett is Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University. Described as the great de-mystifier of consciousness, Dennett has been quoted as saying he developed a deep distrust of the methods he saw other philosophers employing and decided that before he could trust his intuitions about the mind, he had to figure out how the brain could possibly accomplish the mind's work.


Daniel C. Dennett
Co-Director Center for Cognitive Studies
& Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy
Deaprtment of Philosophy
Tufts University
Massachusetts, United States

Further Information
Daniel C. Dennett - homepage

Presenter: Alan Saunders

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