Saturday, August 27, 2011

Authors@Google: Dario Nardi - Neuroscience of Personality

Another cool, geeky talk from the Authors@Google series - Dario Nardi has done some extensive research into personality types (among other things). In this lecture, he speaks about some new research showing the difference in brain use among different personality types.

One of his more recent books is 8 Keys to Self Leadership (2005), but the book seems to be out of print (or exceedingly expensive at $989.97 used).

Dario Nardi - Neuroscience of Personality
UCLA professor and author, Dario Nardi, has discovered that people of different personality types don't merely rely on different brain regions -- they use their brains in fundamentally different ways. Using colorful anecdotes and brain imagery, Dr. Nardi shares key insights from his lab. Among these insights: how people of different personalities can find and sustain a state of creative flow. This talk is suitable for a general audience including those who have passing familiarity with the Myers-Briggs types.

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