Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cindy Wigglesworth - The Spiritual Intelligence of Leaders

I've been tangentally aware of Cindy Wigglesworth for several years - but I think this is the first time I have heard her interviewed. She is the founder of Deep Change, a leadership coaching and consultant group.

This interview from the Integral Leadership Collaborative offers a brief introduction into her work in deep intelligence and leadership. She has also created the first Spiritual Intelligence Assessment.

The Spiritual Intelligence of Leaders

Cindy Wigglesworth is the creator of the first validated and researched skills-based Spiritual Intelligence Assessment instrument for business and personal use. She is an experienced organizational development consultant and coach for leaders and executives.
Audio and PDF files are provided below. Click to listen (or view PDF) or Right-Click (Control-Click) to download the files to your computer (recommended).
Additional background information is available on the Biographical Information page.


Anonymous said...

PDF link does not work

william harryman said...

sorry about that - follow the title link for the talk with her: and you should be have access to whatever is still available.

Unknown said...

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