Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Julian Baggini on His New Book, The Ego Trick


Based on what I have seen and read, I am looking forward to getting a copy of this new book by Julian Baggini - The Ego Trick: In Search of the Self - it sounds a little similar to another book I found terribly useful and engaging, The Ego Tunnel by Thomas Metzinger (though it's probably quite different when read in depth).
Julian Baggini on His New Book, The Ego Trick

British philosopher Julian Baggini discusses his new book, The Ego Trick, which looks at how a sense of self emerges in us without any essential or permanent self actually existing. What does this mean for our lives, and can philosophy help us to construct good characters out of the incoherent bundles of our personalities?

Interview by Jules Evans of Politics of Well-Being.

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