Wednesday, March 02, 2011

TEDxPugetSound - Andre Golard, PhD - The Neuroscience of Eureka Moments

Very cool - a lot of "decision theory" has already confirmed that we make decisions before we become conscious of them, and often we then create a rationalization for why we chose A and not B - much of which is based on unconscious biases (see How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer for a great and readable introduction). Golard looks at how this works in business.
Andre Golard, PhD - The Neuroscience of Eureka Moments

Andre Golard, MBA, PhD, spends his days exploring the fascinating nexus between brain science and business performance. Drawing upon his dual background as a scientist and business leader, he is able to tease out the "so what?" behind the latest developments in neuroscience and explain how these discoveries translate into effective leadership, communication, and decision-making behavior.

His talk revolves around trusting the steady hand. The body and the mind make realizations well before the "aha moment" that an idea has traction.

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