Friday, March 18, 2011

Destino - Salvador Dali Does Disney

Very cool and deeply weird, and it does exactly what it is meant to do, offer a visual explication of Dali's version of surrealism. The story is that this was made almost 70 years, but some of the animation looks state of the art - I'm a little skeptical that is this a Dali work. [OK, a little digging and I think it is valid.]

Either way, however, it's amazing to watch. Thanks to whoever it was at Facebook from whom I stole this video.

Disney cartoon by Salvador Dali

68 years ago Walt Disney has asked Salvador Dali to draw a cartoon film which would be an embodiment of his idea of surrealism. But it turned out that it was so unusual to the ordinary spectator that Disney did not display it, and it was not available to the public until 2003.

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