Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Link Dump - Psychology, Philosophy, and More

I have WAAAAY too many tabs open in Firefox -so in the interest of simplifying my life and sharing some good linkage, welcome to my most recent link dump.

Culture Matters in Suicidal Behavior Patterns and Prevention, Psychologist Says
Adrian van Kaam: The Missing Link in Ken Wilber's Integral Psychology by Elliot Benjamin
Van Kaam the Psychologist
Sexy, But Biased - Research Blogging / by Dave Munger
When scientists, scholarly reviewers, and the media focus only on the most sensational results of research studies, the resulting distortions can harm scientific progress and the public
Early Life Influences Risk for Psychiatric Disorders
Heartbreak and Home Runs: The Power of First Experiences
What Is Philosophy and How Do We Do It?
Social perception in ‘God Soul Mind Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Reflections on the Spirit World’
Document Sheds Light on Investigation at Harvard - The Marc D. Hauser affair
Harvard Finds Scientist Guilty of Misconduct - More on Hauser


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