Friday, July 16, 2010

Requests for Parts Stories (IFS Model)

Jay Early passed this request along in an email recently - an author is looking for personal stories for a book on the Internal Family Systems approach to parts work. If you feel moved to help her out, the contact information is at the bottom.
To: People who have worked with their inner parts

Re: Progress with Parts Book – Soliciting information, stories, examples

My name is Karen Locke. I am a teacher and a writer in Bloomington, MN.

I have greatly benefited over the last 20 years from working with my own parts, or subpersonalities. Now I want to spread the word! I am working on a book about inner parts; what they are, a few ways to deal with them, and how working with them can improve people’s lives. I would like to talk to people who have experienced gains in their lives from working with their own parts. Real names don’t need to be used in the final book, so anonymity is assured for people who wish to be anonymous.

I want to write a book to publicize what some of us know is happening for people all over the country. There are people out there who are working with their parts, getting healthier, and yet not talking about it because it seems like a strange concept to mainstream America. My plan is to tell the stories of “regular people” (mostly laypeople, not therapists) who have made progress through parts work. How do people use this concept in their everyday lives? What aspects of their lives have improved? How have they made progress even with all the difficult events in their past?

I will be looking for progress stories from people, as well as data from studies showing how effective this work can be. Note that I said “progress” rather than “success” stories. If you feel you have made progress toward a goal, that’s good enough for me. What has changed in your life? That could be inner attitudes, outer behaviors, or practical circumstances (jobs, relationships, monetary results, etc). These are all important and deserve to be noticed and celebrated.
Ways to connect:

  1. EMAIL - I’ve made a new e-mail for book contacts. You can contact me at (hopefully easy to remember – remember to put the one after partsbook- partsbook1.
  2. SURVEY – I’ve made a survey on surveymonkey, if you go to this site you can answer questions and choose whether to leave contact information; it could also be filled out anonymously.
  3. PHONE - If you’d rather call first, my phone is (952) 994-1968.

Thanks and best wishes,

Karen Locke

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