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Leading@Google: Brett Johnson (on LEMON Leadership)

Interesting stuff for anyone interested in leadership. [More below the video.] They seem to be suggesting a variation of integral leadership.
AtGoogleTalks April 23, 2010LEMON Leadership is a unique twist on leadership that helps leaders understand how they are wired, why they see the world differently, what they consider to be work, how they filter what they hear, what they say and how to build and participate in effective teams. LEMON Leadership is not about styles or preferences, but uncovers your leadership DNA while giving fresh strategies for how to be most effective.

Brett Johnson founded The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, Inc. in 1996. Brett's writings support his work consulting to business and social sector leaders on breakthrough strategies. Brett was a Partner at KPMG Peat Marwick and at Computer Sciences Corporation. Before that he spent fourteen years at Price Waterhouse working in the United States and South Africa. His first book, Convergence looks issues of work-life balance, and the integration of all facets of life.

LEMON Leadership®

Leaders lead out of their identity. It doesn’t matter too much what their style, university or ethnicity may be. The key is to know what type of leader you are. Brett Johnson has released a new book, LEMON Leadership, writing about five types of leaders:




    Organizers, and


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The book is available at Amazon, and here is the product description:

Product Description

Why another book about leadership? The authors work involves meeting with many leaders from around the world each year, and they all have this in common: they want to have impact. They have mastered their craft and moved beyond the basics of running and organization. Best Practices are routine. They are looking at the deeper life issues. This inevitably brings them to the topic of leadership, and more specifically, who they are. This book is not a How To of leadership, but a Who are you? book that considers leadership in a fresh way. Those who work at the coalface of human need are convinced that the lack of leaders is the number one issue in the world today. This stems partly from the fact that our definitions of leadership are too narrow - incomplete. We know lots about entrepreneurs and mangers, but there are other types of leaders about which we know precious little. LEMON Leadership® expands our view of leadership to cover five distinct types of leaders; not styles, not temperaments, not preferences...types. The simple truths about LEMON Leadership® have transformed the lives of individual leaders and changed the working of executive teams. Understanding the truisms in this book will radically increase your impact.
The following is their "About" statement regarding their mission and perspective.

Our story is one of integration. Not in the traditional sense of integrating processes and systems, but knitting together the various domains of business and the rest of life. For decades, business has prided itself on efficiency. This came to mean the insulation of the corporation from outside distractions - the rational triumphing over the relational. For the individual, this inevitably meant the isolation of work life from personal life. Our  Associates

As we worked with executives and their corporations through the mid 1990s, we saw numerous reasons why this had to change. We began a deliberate process of creating tools and methods that would help leaders to define and achieve impact in an integrated way - a way that embraced all of life.

Today we continue to push the edge by creating intellectual products and uncommon experiences that help clients get on the road to Impact through Innovation & Integration... quickly.

Our Premise

The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact was formed in mid-1996 around simple premises:

  • Every person and corporation wants to have an impact. And they want that impact to be greater than short-term optimization of market share, product positioning, earnings or title. We all want long-term, sustainable impact with a capital “I”
  • Impact is best achieved when aspects of corporate and individual life are aligned, or integrated behind a clear purpose. Dichotomized thinking lessons lasting Impact.
  • Fresh thinking – innovation - is needed to both define Impact, and to devise strategies to achieve it.

Our Values

  • Integration - treating life as a cohesive whole
  • Hospitality - the glue that holds spheres of life together, and provides an authentic hothouse for leaders
  • Excellence - not the best all the time, but the right thing, a the right time, in a measurable
  • Trust - the underpinning of relationships, business and others
  • Relationship - people are the bottom line
  • Service - the main job of a leader is to serve
Our Foundational Principles

We learned over time that having Values was not enough. In 2001 we began a process of defining our philosophy of business, if you like, and documented our Foundational Principles. Extracts of these include:

The Institute’s ultimate goal is to repurpose corporations and leaders so that they discover and implement a personal and corporate calling, thereby transforming people, societies and nations.

The corporation serves the calling just as a new wineskin serves new wine.

The Institute is a vehicle for the integration of Career, Community, Creativity and Calling.

Sustained Impact comes when people discover and walk out their identity.

As we sow generously, we will reap generously.

The integration of business and philanthropy should always be self-sustaining.

Relationships are trusts that must be stewarded carefully.

Business-as-community is a crucible for walking out our Call.

Multicultural, interdisciplinary teams have greater societal impact.

Work has inherent value and is not just building a Career.

People everywhere will benefit if they experience a non-dichotomized life.

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