Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Neuroethics Video Series from Penn State

Great series of videos from the Neuroethics Learning Collaborative (U Penn). Here are a few of the videos from the beginning of the series - more to come.
Neuroethics Learning Collaborative
The Neuroethics Learning Collaborative on the PENN LPS Commons provides you a unique opportunity to engage with leading faculty and fellow students on the most cutting edge topics in neuroscience and ethics today.
Welcome to the Neuroethics learning Collaborative from Martha Farah

1) Philosophical Ethics (Fiester)

2) Applied Ethics and Neuroethics (Fiester & Farah)

3) Animal Subjects, Human Subjects (Fiester)

4) Conflict of Interest (Merz)


Martha Farah said...

Glad you like the videos -- There are lots more up now on topics including brain imaging, brain stimulation, neurocriminology and brain enhancement!

But please note that we're not from Penn State... We're from the University of Pennsylvania!

william harryman said...

Thanks Martha,

I'm trying to work my way through the videos - will be posting more.

Sincere apologies for naming the wrong school in the tags - I fixed it!