Monday, October 05, 2009

Integral Coaching from Integral Life

Nice resources - and a great introduction to integral coaching.


Integral Dialogue: Orientations

In the first installation of this dialogue, Joanne Hunt, Laura Divine, and Ken Wilber discuss the advent of Integral Coaching, whose services will be made available to the Integral community in the coming months. They share some of the unique contributions the Integral approach offers to coaches and clients alike, providing the most comprehensive map of growth and human development available today.

To further explore the ideas and techniques behind Integral Coaching, we invite you to check out the Spring 2009 issue of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice

Integral Dialogue: Communicating Across Worlds

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, but left feeling frustrated and unheard, as if the other person was in a completely different world? Well, there is a good chance that they were—at least in the ways they perceive and interpret what's important to them. In the second installment of this dialogue, Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine further explore the concept of "Native Perspectives," noting the four very different approaches to reality that influence our relationship with the world, with each other, and with ourselves.

Integral Dialogue: The Many Ways We Grow

In the third installation of the Integral Coaching dialogue, Joanne Hunt, Laura Divine, and Ken Wilber discuss the many ways human beings grow and develop in their lives. There are many different aspects of human experience (often referred to as "multiple intelligences" or "lines of development") that all grow at different velocities through different levels of proficiency and sophistication. Without taking these different aspects of psychological maturity into account, many schools of coaching end up working with two-dimensional caricatures of their clients—unable to fully appreciate the knotted elegance of human potential, and therefore unable to locate the very real leverage points of growth and development.

Integral Dialogue: The Flavors of Presence

In the final installment of Joanne, Laura, and Ken's dialogue, they discuss the last two ‘lenses’ comprising the AQAL Constellation in the Integral Coaching method: states of consciousness and typologies. Their discussion includes not only understanding how these two lenses are used in supporting client development, but also how they help define practices engaged in by the coaches themsleves as a way to cultivate and deepen their own process of waking up and growing up.

Integral Coaching Canada

Coaching and development resources are also available in the Resources section of Integral Coaching Canada’s web site. Integral Coaching Canada is our global coaching partner. The resources on their web site were developed for coaches and also include articles, perspectives and a relevant booklist for people interested in integral application and human development.

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