Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Relationship Tips - Two Articles

Found these two collections of relationship tips over the last couple of days - thought I'd share them. Most of us can use ways to keep the love alive, or even deepen it.

Give Positive Energy to Your Relationship – 10 Mantras For Happy Married Life or Relationship

http://www.flickr.com/photos/indiewench/94093580/The first question that might come to one’s mind is why do we need to give positive energy to a relationship? The answer is to ensure the longevity of the relationship with sweetness intact forever.

As the relationship progresses and initial euphoria settles there is a build up of negative energy in that relationship due to the mind’s tricks. This heap of negative energy needs to be reduced, else it will result in the bitterness and end of romance in the relationship.

Few ideas which worked for me:

1. Using Existing Positive Energy: Realize and periodically remind yourself the positive aspects of your relationship and your partner. You need to do this activity after few days, because the impact of this activity decreases with time.

2. Unique Understanding #1: Understand that you two are two different persons raised under different circumstances. You have different choices and behaviors. You have different preferences and you react to same events differently. In case any of you tries to change it, this will mean you no longer want to live with the person you loved so much at a time.

3. Unique Understanding #2. All of the relationship problems manifest from the mind’s tricks. Mind uses tricks like ego, distrust, hatred, resentment etc to accomplish its activity. You may as the question - why can’t it use positive tools like love and joy to benefit relationship? The answer is it uses positive tools as well. The mind fluctuates between negatives and positives. That is why most of the relationships are just oscillations between love and hate.

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Emotional Fitness

Harness the power of emotion to deepen your love with your partner, become more successful at work, and more.
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