Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Universe [complete season 1]

I'm posting this here mostly to have access to it when I want to see it, but it is pretty damn cool. Each episode is broken into 4-6 segments making them easier to manage -- and they are all embedded in this video.
This series takes a fascinating new look at a very old universe. Fifty years after man first ventured into outer space, we examine the greatest secrets of the heavens. Each episode outlines how humans have explored the universe, and scrutinizes the discoveries they have made.


Episode list:

Secrets of the Sun
The End of the Earth
The Moon
Spaceship Earth
Inner Planets
Alien Galaxies
The Outer Planets
The Most Dangerous Place in the Universe
Search for E.T.
Beyond the Big Bang

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really amazing ! In one second the Sun generates more energy than the amount has been used in all of human civilization.

In fact it sounds like a science fiction movie.I enjoyed that stunnig power .
Thank you for presenting such wonderful video.