Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Five Ways to Find the Shadow Self

I often mention shadow work as being crucial to personal growth and self exploration. Suite 101 offers this brief but useful article on how to find our shadow selves.
Five Ways to Find the Shadow Self
How to Come out from the Darkside and Begin to See the Light

© Megge Hill Fitz-Randolph

The shadow side of a personality can be discovered by using a few simple strategies. By noticing habits and behaviors, the dark shadows are brought into the light.

There are at least five successful ways to locate the shadow in oneself according to William A. Miller in his essay, "Finding the Shadow in Daily Life." These include:

1. Asking for feedback from others

2. Becoming aware of ones own projections

3. Paying attention to ones own "slips of tongue"

4. Paying attention to what one finds humorous

5. Studying dreams, daydreams and fantasies

Go read the article for more infomation on each method.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. i think I need to start doing a little shadow work.

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